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When you have no eyelids visible* when looking straight at a person, this says you have to know why. You are what I call a "why-baby" because you are seldom satisfied with a mere swipe across a subject. It has to make sense to you and you will probe, dig, and cross-examine (interrogate?) people until it does.

You probably answer a question with a question much of the time.  After all, it has to make sense right down to the fine details.

And if your version of a fact, idea or story doesn't match what someone else thinks or believes,  you will try very hard to convince them that they are wrong. After all, you have thought it all through, checked out the facts, compared notes and arrived at the only logical conclusion. Obviously they haven't or their conclusions would agree with yours. Right?

When you do answer a question or tell someone something, you will tend to go into all the preliminary details and reasoning before you finally, at long last, get the the point, your conclusion. You figure they will need to understand why you came to that conclusion -- even if they don't really want to know why!   Cue -- if they have big eyelids, just get to the point and forget the why or how that brought you to the conclusion. They don't care! 


*If you are Asian, this trait shows as the eye being set way back under the eyelid, as if the skin above the eye is quite thick.  The opposite, big eyelids in the Caucasians,  shows in Asians as a small bit of eyelid peeking out or as thin-looking skin over the eye.