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Light Touch

A small nose shows a need for your work to be fun and interesting. You don't do drudgery very well. It wears you down.

While you can bring tremendous verve and energy to the beginning of a project, you need work that you enjoy or it's hard to stay committed when the nose-to-the-grindstone phase hits. You'll make up a game and use your imagination to play your way through a routine task you hate.

It also says you do very well working with others to get a job done. It helps you be a good team player.

My Way

If you have widely flared nostrils you prefer to do things your own way and won't take direction from others with grace. When someone hands you a job to do, you would much prefer to figure out how to do it yourself.

After all, you tend to trust your own ability to figure out the "best way" and the "right way" to do things and are quite sure others will not do it as well. Of course this means you might also have trouble delegating and keeping your hands off the process. Extremely wide nostrils are "my way or the highway."