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If your chin is pointed and/or your jawline wedge-shaped, you will resist being told what to do or even suggestions about what would be a good idea for you. Your automatic response is "no!" If you are not pushed, you may reconsider and try the idea, but your friends and family shouldn't hold their breath. You respond better if others enlist  your help or create some enthusiasm instead. When pushed, you can be unbelievably stubborn!

Take Charge

Wide jaws (as wide as the forehead or wider) shows that you like to control situations and tend to step into a leadership role whether it's your position or responsibility to do so or not.

When challenged, you generally will try intimidation to force the other person to back down.

This is a take-charge trait and if your jaws are very wide, you will tend to try to take over rather than accept a passive role.  The hardest thing for you to do is to sit quietly and let someone else run the show, especially if you have any stake in the outcome.