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Inspector Eyes

Eyes that angle downward toward the cheeks belong to people who automatically see what's wrong with things. Your perception is finely tuned to inspect the environment for inconsistencies, incongruities, nonconformities. If a period is missing on a page, a piece of lint caught in the paint on a wall, a car was in a certain spot in one movie scene but not where it should have been in the next, you will instantly spot it. You can't help it.

Your brain is hardwired that way. You may have come from a family of origin  where you felt you have to be on guard against inconsistencies and problems because they can cause you grief and you developed the ability to see them automatically. Or you could be the only member of the family with such a trait and were simply born with it.

Regardless of the origins of the trait, the problems or flaws you see bother you on some level and you feel the need to correct them before you can relax. This is a great trait for quality control, proofing work, editing and the like, but it can be difficult in relationships of all kinds.

One other upside of this trait is compassion; you notice other people's pain and can empathize.