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General Face


A forehead that's narrow in relation to the height of the face shows you are cautious about putting yourself out there without knowing your subject  well. You gain confidence through knowledge and experience. If say say you know something, chances are very good that you really do. You work hard to gain the knowledge so you can feel reasonably confident in matters and will readily admit it when you don't know something. Youtend to be a specialist, learning your subject in depth, rather than a generalist just skimming the top of many subjects


With a forehead that is wide at the temples in relation to the height of the face, this indicates you feel adequate to most situations and are not afraid to try new things. You learn best hands-on and typically prefer the unfamiliar to the familiar. Whatever you do will be done thoroughly, one way or another. Yet, wide faces are generalists rather than specialists. You are probably good at getting others to do the nitty-gritty details you hate, so you can get on with the giant-slaying part of life you are geared to tackle.