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If you have a squared chin, you are fighter on some level. Or perhaps a crusader for things you believe in. The saying, "If you love me, fight with me" would be true of this kind of chin. This doesn't necessarily mean a physical, fist fight. Often the “fight” is a good debate, or setting the facts straight (at least from your point of view). You will also defend those you care about.

 At heart, you are an idealist  with a strong will, good sense, and a tendency to take a very direct and candid approach to matters. Your friends may come to you for advice because they appreciate your values.


The bigger the chin and the wider the square, the more intense the trait.

A really large, very square chin shows you have high energy, are aggressive, unforgiving, and get upset if you feel you've been disrespected. Not particularly romantic, instead, you could be quite demanding in love. You do enjoy your luxury and might not care how it is gained. It depends on what else is on the face.