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Inspector Eyes

Eyes that angle downward toward the cheeks belong to people who automatically see what's wrong with things. Your perception is finely tuned to inspect the environment for inconsistencies, incongruities, nonconformities. If a period is missing on a page, a piece of lint caught in the paint on a wall, a car was in a certain spot in one movie scene but not where it should have been in the next, you will instantly spot it. You can't help it.


Close-set eyes indicate an immediate reaction to situations. You are very conscientious, up-tight, and follow the rules. Your job is to keep the rest of the world on time, accurate, and doing what's right and that's a full time job! 


When the eyes are spaced widely apart (more than an eye's width between them) you tend to be lenient, easy-going, and have a broad perspective in your approach. You function better handling the big picture and leaving the details to others. Because you hate to get bent out of shape over small things, you put up with stuff you don't like for way too long without saying a word. But you do have your limits and when you reach them, it's all over. You could call it a "long fuse, big bang syndrome."


When you have no eyelids visible* when looking straight at a person, this says you have to know why. You are what I call a "why-baby" because you are seldom satisfied with a mere swipe across a subject. It has to make sense to you and you will probe, dig, and cross-examine (interrogate?) people until it does.

You probably answer a question with a question much of the time.  After all, it has to make sense right down to the fine details.

Bottom Line

When there are lots of eyelids showing that indicates that you would generally prefer that others cut to the chase and not bore you with details you  don't want to know!  Your preference is to gain the basic drift of an idea so you can move into action and just get the job done. You take a dim view of chasing after tangents and may attempt to hijack a floundering meeting so you can to get to the point, get a vote if necessary, and get out!