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If you have perfectly straight eyebrows you tend to be more reserved and modest in your way of relating. You are not wild and crazy, but are harmony and balance oriented. You like to do nice things for people and expect the same in return. When it doesn't happen, you may wonder if that person's momma didn't raise them right.


If you have these wonderfully round eyebrows you definitely know how to organize things. That doesn't necessarily mean you are organized, but simply that you know how to do it.

Structure Appreciation

When the eyebrows have a little triangular peak near the outside ends, it's what I call Mount Fuji eyebrows. It shows an appreciation for form and structure, as well as a talent for creating it. You often find this on people like architects, sculpture artists, designers of all kinds including software, event planners, project managers, financial officers who manage all the spreadsheets and numbers.