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Close-set eyes indicate an immediate reaction to situations. You are very conscientious, up-tight, and follow the rules. Your job is to keep the rest of the world on time, accurate, and doing what's right and that's a full time job! 

You are so focused on the details of all you need to do (on your list) that when you are finished with an encounter, you really want the other person out of your space so you can get on to the next thing. And when everything is finished, you would want to relax by going and doing something fun, not vegging, unless you are totally wiped out.

You will also tend to be very social and love to have people over or go do things socially. You would be great at planning and executing all the details for a perfect event.

You do get things done and are excellent with details. But the price you pay is that you tend to be critical, unable to relax, and often have difficulty with the broader perspective. But your friends and boss know that if they want something done, give it to you and it will happen sooner rather than later, and will generally be a very good job.