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A chin that recedes shows some inherent impatience, but it also indicates flexibility and adaptability. You could have trouble hanging in there with slow-moving, drawn-out situations.

Another dimension of this trait is that you may have been dominated as a child and had to develop the flexibility to cope with it and as a result, you champion the underdog now, wanting to help a person in that situation. You also won't let people dominate you so easily now.


Never Quit

If your chin noticeable juts forward, you have an innate tenacity and determination that makes you a bulldog about things. If you commit, your inner message is  never, never quit!  In fact you don't know the meaning of the word. You hang on, hang in there, and in general have trouble knowing when to give it up.

In fact, you may stay too long for your own good. On the other hand, the strength of this trait is what can keep you in the ring until you win.



If your chin is pointed and/or your jawline wedge-shaped, you will resist being told what to do or even suggestions about what would be a good idea for you. Your automatic response is "no!" If you are not pushed, you may reconsider and try the idea, but your friends and family shouldn't hold their breath. You respond better if others enlist  your help or create some enthusiasm instead. When pushed, you can be unbelievably stubborn!


If you have a squared chin, you are fighter on some level. Or perhaps a crusader for things you believe in. The saying, "If you love me, fight with me" would be true of this kind of chin. This doesn't necessarily mean a physical, fist fight. Often the “fight” is a good debate, or setting the facts straight (at least from your point of view). You will also defend those you care about.

Family Oriented

If you have a round chin, it means you are relationship and family oriented. You have a need for deep connections to others. Sympathetic and warm, you like to nurture people and especially love children. Part of your challenge in family life is that you usually put the children above your relationship with your spouse, and this can cause problems.

Typically generous-natured and naturally gifted in social intelligence, people feel your caring and respond in kind.


Small chins are naturally geared to hear other's feedback as criticism and become defensive. If you have this chin, you have a hard time standing up for yourself against stronger personalities, like people with big chins, big jaws and wide faces. You may take the tack of going along with others, maybe becoming the typical "sidekick." When confronted, you may clam up or feel overwhelmed by the situation and just give up.