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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Face Reading?
Face Reading is universally accessible and highly accurate. By studying a face, you know what typical behaviors to expect and how to deal with them. You also have a better chance of knowing what not to expect and how not to offend someone unknowingly. It is a communications tool. 

What is Face Reading?
Face reading is the skill/art of analyzing the traits shown in the structure of the face to construct an accurate profile of innate behavioral tendencies. This is not a black and white picture of "good/bad" but rather a detailed and complex look at how a person approaches and interacts with his/her world. It crosses all lines of race and culture.

How accurate is it?
Face Reading shows innate tendencies which most people enact in their day-to-day lives. The accuracy of any analysis will depend on the skill level of the reader.. . as well as how true one is to his/her inherent tendencies.  Sandra's accuracy level based on feedback from her subjects is in the 95% - 100 % range.

Some Professional applications for Face Reading:
Human Resources
Managing People
Team Building
Business Relating

Personal uses for Face Reading:
Personal Growth
Relationship Understanding