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Face Reading Blog

Eye Level Anomalies

Eyes unevenI've been noticing a lot of people lately who have one eye higher than the other. Sometimes slightly, sometimes very distinctly different levels.

What does that mean in terms of face reading? Several things.

Standoffish People

Face reading has become such an automatic part of my interface with people and my environment that I always notice traits as part of looking at someone. For example, recently I went to dinner at an upscale restaurant and immediately picked up on the really high eyebrows and the fine skin and hair of our waiter.

Using Face Reading for Specific Purposes

As a face reader, I like to choose which person I want to deal with when given the option. My choices will reflect what I am trying to accomplish.

For example, when I went to a "gas lease signing party" hosted by my neighborhood association, I used my face reading skills to decide who I'd rather work with.