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Relating - It's a Bumper Car World

Let's face it: when it comes to relating, it's a sea of bumper cars out there!

It helps if you can have a sense of humor and some Face Reading insights into what makes people tick. That way you understand why they do what they do, know what to expect, and be a little less frustrated in dealing with others. Call it mental health first aid - it allows you to maintain your sanity and shift your expectations because you realize they are not acting like that just to drive you crazy. They are simply being who they are.

Mapping Relationships With Face Reading

We all relate from our own space of being and we have an innate tendency to think everyone thinks as we do. And if they don't they should!

But in truth, it may be totally alien to where the next person is coming from. You don't have to speak another language or come from a different culture to not understand each other. The more different you are in your approach, the harder it is to comprehend the other person.

Mount Fuji Eyebrows

triangle ebWorking with trait combinations is the real mastery of face reading, which is knowing what to do with that mass of individual traits on any given face.

For example, sometimes a trait on the face gives a particular ability, but you may not know how that person will use it. Then you need to look for other clues on the face, hands and body that can help you understand the most likely direction.

A Liar? Maybe Yes, Maybe No.

What can face reading tell you about a propensity to lie?

Face Reading describes one's natural tendencies, habits and gifts, but not necessarily how they are handled. Combinations of traits spell a potential, and sometimes a probable inclination... but they certainly not a guarantee that any particular person will be a habitual liar. It depends on the character of the person in question. Character is more about one's spirit and internal ethics or lack of them.

Face Reading and Lying

I’m often asked if you can tell from face reading how honest a person is.

Truth is, trying to gauge honesty is a sticky, tricky business that has been studied for centuries. Telling if a person is lying is about body language and micro expressions. Facial analysis is the skill of determining personality traits from the structure and proportions of a face.