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Trustworthiness Shown in a Face?

A friend sent me a sales article about some university studies conducted on what kind of features on a face are perceived as trustworthy .

It was very interesting from a face reading point of view. Basically, the studies concluded that certain facial features are seen as more trustworthy than others. Reading through the list, the combination translates to largely non-threatening, even-keel traits. Even somewhat "baby-faced."

Similar Faces, Similar Minds

The old saying "birds of a feather flock together" is really true. That came home to me as never before when I read faces at a Fort Worth Museum of Science and History After Hours event recently.

Close Encounters of The Face Reading Kind

I have been doing a number of private consultations lately and one of the facets of this work is the connection generated by such a close encounter.  People tend to open up to me after I start reading them. They feel truly seen --  that somehow, I know them. . . and I do on a certain level. It is one of the most rewarding elements of doing this kind of work.

Perhaps I could classify these close encounters from a Face Reader's point of view.

Kate Middleton's Face

The darling of the Brits and a royal-to-be, Kate will be hounded by the press and her every move scrutinized, probably for the rest of her life. At the same time, she will be expected to slip seamlessly into the demanding world of  British royalty. How well will she handle it? Here's the story in her face.

Who Was Mona Lisa, Really?

From a face reader's viewpoint, Mona Lisa's face tells a story most people won't ever hear.

I love to study the portraits of the old masters. Face reading can give great insights into who those people were beyond their titles or the names on the paintings. How did they approach life and what was typical behavior for them? You can get a pretty good idea from a face analysis.