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Why Does Face Reading Work?

People always ask how  facial structure can show specific ways of behaving, thinking, and being. Good question.

My take on it is this.

Science has proven that everything in the universe is energy and vibration. There is far more space than there is matter in any given object including people. In other words, nothing is really solid as we tend to perceive it. So if everything is energy and vibration, what gives something form? Consciousness. There is intelligence in everything. There are many reasons I believe this, but I'm going to refer to just two sources to explain why I draw the conclusions I do.

The work of Bruce Lipton, PhD, a cell researcher and author of the book, The Biology of Belief, tells us that his work leads him to the conclusion that cells have consciousness and work cooperatively to create and maintain a body. He has found that cooperation, not competition, is the basic interaction between all forms of life.

In The Holographic Universe, author Michael Talbot cites the work of Dr. David Bohm, a quantum physicist who postulates that the universe is made up of one basic energy which is conscious and intelligent and produces form which is holographic. Forms emerge out of this field of intelligent energy into apparent individualized matter. But in his model (which observation and research validates) everything we see is actually part of the one energy field, and is temporarily manifested in some form. At some further point in time all will decay be reabsorbed back into the energy field. Remember the axiom in physics: energy is never lost, it simply changes form. Stars, planets, rocks, people, it doesn't matter. We're all the same basic energy. We just think we are separate beings. ( Gives a different meaning to the Biblical quote: "What you have done unto the least of these you have done unto me.")

The other part of this is that form follows function. That means the form is specifically designed to fulfil a function. Everything from a mosquito's proboscus which has its particular form because of its function: to pierce flesh and draw blood, to an owl's eyes that are large and designed to see in the dark because the owl is a night hunter. Everything is designed to fulfil a function.

You can further refine this concept as being metaphoric. For example, people whose eyes are habitually slitted (narrowed) follow the fuction of narrowing how much they will allow into their perceptive filters. They are guarded and skeptical, generally suspicious of others. A broad forehead, housing the brain, shows a broad range of interests. Fine skin and hair shows a person who is oriented to finer quality, and is not insulated against the environment. They don't function well in extremes of heat, cold and noise. All of these examples are metaphoric in nature.

Lipton also found that the environment triggers changes in the DNA in the cells. Cells respond to the environment constantly in a conscious way. The DNA is the blueprint for the cell to reproduce itself. So if the environment changes, it will re-engineer the pattern for replication to ensure future replications that respond to the new conditions.

So to my way of seeing it, the simple answer is that our own individualized consciousness holds the overall mental/emotional pattern that determines the form. That's why when we change our inner landscape through life experiences, we change the body, the outer form, and the face.

As within, so without.  "As a man thinks, so is he."