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Who Was Mona Lisa, Really?

From a face reader's viewpoint, Mona Lisa's face tells a story most people won't ever hear.

I love to study the portraits of the old masters. Face reading can give great insights into who those people were beyond their titles or the names on the paintings. How did they approach life and what was typical behavior for them? You can get a pretty good idea from a face analysis.

For example, Mona Lisa's face shows that she had a very capable mind.

We might be surprised at what kinds of ideas occupied her thinking! Creative, resourceful, easily bored, she loved to know all kind of things she didn't need to know. You could expect her to be analytical, good with practical efficiency, preferring to do things her own way, thank you, and an excellent eye for what looks good together. No shrinking violet, this gal loved a challenge, taking some risks, and was mentally restless.

Unfortunately, Mona Lisa would have also been rather self-absorbed along with a tendency to take things personally, not to mention hypersensitive to criticism, or even a discussion of her actions.

Probably contemplative and quite self-aware, she would have been a good listener for what she wanted to know, but hard to get to know because she could penetrate your boundaries while being very adept at keeping you at a comfortable (for her) distance. A word of caution for her contemporaries (albeit a few centuries too late): get to the point if you want to talk to her, but don't expect her to always do the same for you.  And ... she'll probably drive you crazy with her ability to maintain ambiguity. If you like to be kept hanging, she's the woman for you.

That enigmatic smile wasn't just for the artist!