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Using Face Reading for Specific Purposes

As a face reader, I like to choose which person I want to deal with when given the option. My choices will reflect what I am trying to accomplish.

For example, when I went to a "gas lease signing party" hosted by my neighborhood association, I used my face reading skills to decide who I'd rather work with.

After I signed in, I was pointed toward a row of tables with pairs of people ready to handle the lessors. I chose a young man with a fairly high forehead, and wide open but close-set eyes, plus a somewhat narrow face. The narrow, high forehead indicated a specialist mentality, a researcher. The eyes held an openness to people and input and close attention to detail plus a need to get everything done immediately. He would also be conscientious. The plane of his face was vertical, showing deliberateness.

I knew he would be more likely to be fully prepared to answer my questions than the other two options available.

I sat down, and the lady next to me suddenly had another question and instead of the woman in front of her answering it, my chosen man jumped in. When the process kept going for some time, I reluctantly told him I would move on down to the next pair.

They were not nearly as knowledgeable as the first fellow and after a bit he came down to check on me. Sure enough, he had the answers very quickly and in depth. The other two guys were simply guessing most of the time and trying obvious shots in the dark.

Face reading is a handy skill in all circumstances. I found it fun at a fair to choose a food vendor based on the face of the person serving the food. One time a friend was very hungry and wanted to find a generous server. I found just the one at a hot dog stand. A woman with a scoop nose, full bottom lip and large irises fit the bill perfectly. She heaped on the food, included a mass of extra fries and filled the cup to the brim... as I figured she would.

Since face reading lets you know immediately what manner of person you will be dealing with and what to expect from the encounter, I figure you might as well be choosy. If you have the tools, why not use them.