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Similar Faces, Similar Minds

The old saying "birds of a feather flock together" is really true. That came home to me as never before when I read faces at a Fort Worth Museum of Science and History After Hours event recently.

It seemed that about half of the people there had a certain combination of traits that indicate an inquisitive, original, often brilliant mind along with  storytelling gifts, skepticism, pragmatism, and analytical, problem-solving abilities. Quite of few of them also showed a very deliberate approach to situations and ideas, which means they understand ideas immediately, but they will consider possibilities, applications, and consequences before acting on the ideas. Don't we wish more people had that combination!

It was amazing to see so many similar people in one evening! Especially since that combination is quite rare in my experience.

I had a similar situation last year when I read faces for a medical software company's Christmas party. That dominant combination included analyticalness; problem solving; logical step-by-step mental processing; creativity; and a strong capacity to manage very complex projects. I began to jokingly call them the Company Eyebrows. "Uh-oh! Here comes another set of those Company Eyebrows! Do they screen job applicants via the eyebrows here?

In both cases, these people would tend to understand each other and feel at home among them as a general rule. Bottom line, the more someone  looks like you, the more likely they are to act and even think like you. Is that good or bad in terms of relating to them?

It depends!