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Prince William's Face

Prince William's face is one that can step into the King of England role quite easily and do it extremely well. Besides that, he's uncommonly good looking. . . something of a rarity in the realm of royals!

What makes this man such a prime candidate for a kingly role beyond the fact of birthright?

For starters, he has an intriguing mix of firm assertiveness, conscientiousness, pragmatism, friendliness, and skepticism all rolled into one. In addition, he is aware of and concerned about personal appearance. This gives a natural neatness and aesthetic appreciation which helps his public image immeasurably. That rather high forehead endows him with natural curiosity, good intelligence of a practical kind, and an innate sense of social responsibility. (As if it hadn't also been grilled into his psyche by his father, mother and the Queen!)

The shape of his face shows some firm aggressiveness, an affinity for military discipline and hierarchial structure along with a natural leadership capability. So it is no surprise he opted for military pilot as a career choice. Combine that with his high-set ears, a square fighter's chin, and squared jaws, and you have a pragmatic warrior. He deals with life from a stance of doing what's necessary and taking charge when and how it's appropriate. This powerful combination allows real flexibility in meeting matters without being wishy-washy.

On the other side of the coin, he also shows an innate refinement and sensitivity to people. This is not a swashbuckling, bigger- than-life, in-your-face kind of leader.

Instead,  Prince William is a cautious, meticulous planner who is basically considerate of others while expecting near perfection of himself and to some degree, of others as well. Not inclined to procrastinate as a rule, he needs to get the details squared away immediately so he can move on to the next thing on his agenda. This one trait of  "do it now and do it right" will guarantee he keeps things moving and all the details done. Furtunately, while he shows a high degree of moderation in speech and action, that does not preclude a sense of humor nor social ease.

With the three ring circus that surrounds his public life, Prince William will need a considerable amount of alone time to recover from the demands made on him day in and day out. Introspective and aware, firm and intelligent, he shows the potential to be an extraordinary King of England, coming down on the side of intelligent planning and impeccable execution. It will be interesting to watch him mature into the role.