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Power of Reading a Face

Recently I was teaching two back-to-back sessions on face reading at an all-morning training meeting for professionals. This was a first offering of the subject to this group and there were only about a dozen takers at my opening session. Most came in tenatively, rather unsure about the whole thing. One woman stood at the door, sitting on the fence about attending my class or another subject.

"Can I have a copy of your handout without attending your class?" she wanted to know. "There's another class I want to take, but this sounds kind of interesting."

So to help her decide, I started reading her face as we stood at the door. About six traits into the quick reading, she stopped me. "Okay. I'm taking this class. Let me go get a handout from the other class and hold me a space. That was amazing."

Sometimes you just have to experience the power of what face reading can tell you about yourself  to really understand what it offers you in terms of being able to read others.

That session only had thirteen attendees. But the second session was standing room only and I've been invited back to the next training day.

But the most gratifying part of this was the woman who opted for my class after I read her face. She walked to the parking lot with me when it was all over, talking about what she was seeing on the faces of fellow attendees and asking questions about other features. She was already reading the traits she had just learned two hours ago. She is one of the quickest studies I've ever taught. But with her rounded, conceptual forehead, curiosity, and probing eyes, I can't say I'm particularly surprised.