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Mount Fuji Eyebrows

triangle ebWorking with trait combinations is the real mastery of face reading, which is knowing what to do with that mass of individual traits on any given face.

For example, sometimes a trait on the face gives a particular ability, but you may not know how that person will use it. Then you need to look for other clues on the face, hands and body that can help you understand the most likely direction.

For example, someone with Mount Fuji eyebrows (triangular peak) has an ability to oversee and work with complex data in some fashion, to make sense out of a chaos of information or parts and bring shape, form, and structure to it. It could be anything from being able to design and sew a garment, to pulling together a complex event with many people, multiple levels of data, and multiple time frames, or even taking an engine apart and putting it back together again.

Part of reading beyond the traits is common sense, like is your subject male or female, how are they dressed and what manner of personality do they present. But that can only take you so far: like the situation when my car suddenly died in mid-turn under a freeway. Who showed up to help me was very interesting.

A middle aged, professional woman in a dress and heels with an early-twenties young man in jeans, t-shirt and sneakers stopped and asked if they could help. She had triangular eyebrows, no eyelids and a very practical forehead, well hidden under blond bangs. They asked some questions about the "symptoms," then conferred. He thought it was something to do with the timing, she disagreed and asked if I would pop the hood. The two of them poked around in the engine for a few minutes, then she told me to get a tow truck for those two blocks to the nearest garage, and above all don't try to restart the car or it would ignite the engine. Seems she's the auto mechanic, is teaching her son, and her husband is the cook/housekeeper! At the garage they confirmed her diagnosis.

To read beyond the trait-by-trait limitations, you have to play detective-face reader and observe such things as the fineness of the skin and hair (are they inclined to be indoors or outdoors), the build of the body (stocky and muscular, or more delicate or soft), the shape and thickness of the hands (hard, thick hands with thick fingers like to work with their hands - softer hands with more slender, tapering fingers are not inclined to work with their hands) and the size and shape of the forehead, all will give you a clearer idea of where they go with it.

One man that I read with these Mount Fuji eyebrows had a high, rounded forehead (creative, intuitive thinker) a stocky body (likes to be moving), medium fineness of skin and hair (could go either way), and rather deep set eyes (private, wary and guarded) with no eyelids (analytical). I asked to see his hands and it was obvious that he didn't work with them, though he showed up in an old sweatshirt and jeans. I told him he was creative/intuitive in his thinking, liked working in his own private space, and needed to be in a creative field, possibly computer work, and largely with his mind, not his hands.

He was a software designer.