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Mitt Romney, Who Is He, Really?

Mitt Romney has the Republican presidential nomination firmly in his pocket now, so who is the man? What manner of innate behaviors can we expect from him? Here are some answers.

Romney, like most candidates running for national public office, has coarse skin and hair, almost a necessity as it shows toughness and a love of power. Included in the trait: a desire to live life in a big, bold way, plus a built-in armor to deflect the heat that comes with the territory of public office. This trait knows you have to break some eggs to create an omlette and he won't flinch in doing so. But he will want to be darned sure about that omelette before he starts cracking . . . shown by other traits. 

And here are the other basic traits shown on his face:

  •     Eyes: Very private, always figuring the angles, looking for further information, slow to decide. Fear of exposure.
  •         Difficulty with emotions - he's not warm and fuzzy - but rather wary and guarded.
  •         Dealing with people: will tend to throw the baby out with the bath water if a piece of information appears which is contrary to what he has been shown to date. 
  •         Conflict in timing of responses: He has both a need to take care of matters immediately (and the low tolerance that comes with it), and a need to wait and see. Can be a source of indecision.
  •     Eyebrows: Territorial, likes to show you exactly how to do things -- his way.
  •         Expects and demands loyalty to him on his terms: give it and he'll take you with him.
  •     Forehead: Facts and figures oriented, deficient in imagination and thinking outside the box, but strong in common sense solutions and by-the-book attitudes. Needs to have facts and figures, experience, and almost needs guarantees before he will act unless his hand is forced.
  •     Nose: Skeptical, independent, ambitious, self-reliant, money-oriented.
  •     Chin: High energy, driven, tenacious with a never-never quit ethic, a fighter, can be contentious - winning is everything.
  •     Ears: Neither highly idealistic nor highly pragmatic, but carefully chooses his options geared toward defensive postures and sure things.
  •     Temples: Careful about expressing his views until he sees the lay of the land and whether it will support his aims, and/or feels secure and solid enough in his position to put his agenda on the table and push it through.

Bottom line: A man with an innate caution that tempers the overt expression of  his drive and ambition, but does not lessen the determination to gain his objectives and put him squarely on top. He is not a visionary nor a humanitarian, but a facts-and-figures, study-the-risks-and-gains, imposed-solutions kind of leader. Personal objectives and consequences will tend to trump broad ethical considerations, which is certainly not unusual in the political arena.


I noticed that you analyzed

I noticed that you analyzed Mitt Romney, but what about Barack Obama?

I actually did an analysis of

I actually did an analysis of Obama on my faceology blog, but it is too long for this blog. Thanks for asking.... I will revisit that, shorten in and post it here soon.