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A Liar? Maybe Yes, Maybe No.

What can face reading tell you about a propensity to lie?

Face Reading describes one's natural tendencies, habits and gifts, but not necessarily how they are handled. Combinations of traits spell a potential, and sometimes a probable inclination... but they certainly not a guarantee that any particular person will be a habitual liar. It depends on the character of the person in question. Character is more about one's spirit and internal ethics or lack of them.

Traits can show unique gifts with a double edge, like the trait for creative visualization / imagination. This trait shows someone who can come up with a vivid story at the drop of a hat. They get a clear picture, not a fuzzy notion. And the ear can tell you someone who is a natural storyteller, stretching a tale for the dramatic effect. Combine the two and would you classify them a storyteller or a liar? They can certainly tell a convincing story.

Let's take another combination of traits to explore as a candidate for lying potential.

If someone has really high ears, they are pragmatic about situations and will generally do what's most expedient under the circumstances to get the outcome they want. Add small irises, coarse skin and hair, plus a wide face, and they are generally not inclined to feel guilty about things nor to share what's going on inside. They are of the persuasion that "it's better to ask forgiveness than permission" and do what they want. Will they come clean? Who knows. It all depends on what kind of personal ethics they have and what's at stake as well as what else is on the face. One combination does not tell the whole story.

Anyone can and will lie under certain circumstances. It could be as harmless as a "little white lie." We all do it to get along in social situations. It's nothing to be concerned about.

But there are those who do serious harm with their lies. Unfortunately, the experts in the field will tell you that it is very difficult to tell who fits in that category because most practiced liars are very good at it, and extremely difficult to catch in the act. Often they have developed a charming, disarming manner. (Consider Madoff)

Master liars know how to appear truthful under difficult circumstances, and honest people when put in compromising situations will appear to be lying when they are not. For the record, it's worth noting that some of the best and most effective liars are "baby-faced" and very charming.

So there are no easy answers. It's best to remain aware and slow to judge. I'd say your best defense is a really good gut and a positive attitude... after all, life delivers to you what you unconsciously, deeply believe it will.