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Kate Middleton's Face

The darling of the Brits and a royal-to-be, Kate will be hounded by the press and her every move scrutinized, probably for the rest of her life. At the same time, she will be expected to slip seamlessly into the demanding world of  British royalty. How well will she handle it? Here's the story in her face.

 Basically, Kate Middleton promises to be a good choice for Prince William and a strong presence in the royal line up with her innate authority, a take charge approach, and an ability to manage matters cooperatively. She is no pushover, no shrinking violet, nor is she a drama queen.

The combination of straight eyebrows, a rather small mouth, close-set eyes that turn down slightly, and a rather thin upper lip says that she is cool, careful, somewhat reserved, misses very little, and tends to speak with sensible brevity.  She is also conscientious, gets things done immediately, and that chin gives her plenty of energy to keep up a demanding schedule.

Being in new situations where protocol is everything, the Queen need not worry about Kate. She is polite, and her nose says she  likes to help people, and will ask rather than take it upon herself to do it her way. She also has excellent analytical and problem solving capabilities shown in those eyes, and takes her work and position seriously.

A natural romantic who is practical and grounded, Kate's forehead shows imagination and some mental impatience as well. A face that's wide enough for a healthy self-confidence and enjoyment of challenges, one of her greatest  challenges is likely to be her need for solitude.

It will be interesting to watch her grow into her full maturity. She should be quite an asset to the royal family.