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Julian Assange: What His Face Shows

AssangeReading Julian Assange is interesting. I confess I like the guy and what he's trying to accomplish. So I have a tendency to want to tell you his face is absolutely wonderful and he's totally Mr. Goodguy. But I'd be lying. Like the rest of us, he's human. There are traits that show the clay feet and there are traits that are enviable, all wrapped up in one package that's making headlines all over the world.

So, here's my take on Assange.

His huge rounded forehead shows a brilliant mind: creative, resourceful, fact- and-figures oriented, concerned with the past, and how it relates to the present. Excellent concentration. Conceptual, theoretic, abstract thinker able to do high-level deductive reasoning and true logic in the classic tradition. But it's a trail-blazing mind that is also quite rebellious against authority.

High foreheads like his are typically concerned with humanitarian causes and civic/political concerns. It can also show shrewdness, subtlety, and penetration. It combines with ears that show tremendous physical energy and drive, risk-taking to the max, and ideals he won't compromise. All of that plus his square chin can be the mark of a zealot, a crusader, an indefatigable fighter for a cause.

The eyes show:

  • a probing, researching approach that is highly analytical
  • great problem solving capabilities
  • a tendency to make snap judgements
  • the very creative ability to process input on two levels at once
  • abilities with both the fine details and a broad perspective
  • great hurts in his life he hasn't mourned or dealt with

His eyebrows show he hates to be wrong, is casual rather than formal, is ambitious, and has a gift for overseeing and managing complex projects. They also show he can be something of a chameleon, not giving away his own position while learning yours.

The nose shows an extreme independence with practical efficiency, a great need to do things his own way, plus a need to feel his efforts have counted for something more than the routine grind of making a living. The size indicates strong ego, ambition, tremendous drive, and a high energy level. (Notice how some of the same characteristics show up again and again?)

His ears show:

  •  risk taking on all levels
  •  idealism
  •  ability to dramatize a story to great effect
  •  showmanship and a need for acknowledgement, ego
  •  concern with future effects of today's efforts
  •  great physical constitution and energy

Assange's mouth shows he:

  •  keeps his own counsel in many matters
  •  is verbally gifted
  •  is earthy, loves good food
  •  likes attention, may over-value himself
  •  is sensitive to his surroundings and the subtleties of others' non-verbal messages
  •  is romantic and poetic but has difficulty settling into a romantic relationship
  •  may not relate to or respect opposing points of view
  •  tends to be confrontational in support of his personal views

The combination of the square chin and a dominant, rounded, angled back forehead is indicative of someone who thrives on debate, on mental battles, on ideas, and information. Interesting aside: in his verbal battles, he is unlikely to be overtly rude. His approach would be more brilliantly persuasive, and perhaps cynical, or even sarcastic laser attacks backed by an almost infinite command of language and facts.

His somewhat narrow jawline is concerned with ideas, concepts, education and indicates some willfulness and a need to work independently. It also has a degree of automatic resistance to authority. The wide forehead shows the love of and need for challenges as well as an innate confidence in his own abilities.

These combinations can give arrogance and overstepping limits, and feeling justified in doing so in pursuit of his ideals and goals. But then, walls don't fall to the timid, do they.

All things considered, to take on the governmental power structures of today's world would require an extremely strong character and one with an almost absolute belief in himself and what he's trying to accomplish. Assange seems to fit the bill. The greatest men and women in history have always had  glaring defects along with their unique talents and drives that place them squarely on the world stage. They are also not clearly seen in their own time. I suspect we won't know the true measure of Assange's achievements and/or failures for generations to come.


This gave me goose bumps, in

This gave me goose bumps, in particular your final paragraph about the great men and women of history.

I've purposely ignored all the bally-hoo about Assange because I don't want to get on some bandwagon that may be only partly true. An analysis like this gives the many complex facets of the person and his hidden motivators.

What jumped out at me was “great hurts in his life he hasn't mourned.” When combined with “risk taking on all levels” and “square chin can be the mark of a zealot, a crusader, an indefatigable fighter for a cause” it's no wonder he is causing so much controversy. We humans can tend to move mountains when fueled by powerful old wounds. But maybe not so much when we're feeling serene and fulfilled and have nothing to prove.

Thanks for your comment and I

Thanks for your comment and I especially appreciate your insight into what often motivates us to move mountains and it isn't serenity! Astute observation.