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An Inside Job

We live life from the inside out, whether we realize it or not.

How you think and what you believe in your deepest self shows up on your face and in your life.

You scatter trailing clouds of who you are wherever you go and infuse the environment with your essence, causing it to mirror the same qualities back to you. You are the prime mover in your own life, meeting yourself at every turn and in every encounter. And most of us don't understand that and consequently, can't see the forest (behavior patterns) for the trees (individual experiences). So let me ask you, when you are in the middle of the trees, how do you see the forest?

Obviously, you have to reach a higher place so you can observe the whole  . . . in other words, detach and learn to see your own patterns of behavior and the beliefs that drive them.

A personal example: For many years, I believed I was unimportant, without value, and seldom acknowledged for what I did. I  felt invisible. When I started my own business, I joined a women's organization to network, build relationships and gain visibility. The fourth year of membership, I was asked to present a training session on reading faces as a major part of a district meeting. I was thrilled to be asked and did an hour session. I felt I was finally on my way to becoming visible.

When the newsletter from the District came out the next month, everyone who did anything from set up to clean up was mentioned and thanked . . . except me. And no one noticed the omission except yours truly. Life mirrored back exactly what I believed. I was crushed.

But my world couldn't change until I changed from the inside out.

It was several years before I got my head around the basic problem and a few more years before I could gain enough perspective to redesign my inner landscape. The interesting thing is, my face has changed to reflect a more objective view of my world.

It demonstrates what a living, growing, changing sculpture of the inner being a face is. The structure of your face is truly an inside job. 

What is yours telling the world about you?