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The Guy On the Dating Service

A close friend of mine recently joined an online dating service and was telling me about planning to meet a guy she had been emailing. I asked her to send me the photo and let me look him over before she landed at Starbucks with him. As her friendly face reader, I thought she should have some insights first!

I was quite surprised by the photo. Definitely not someone I'd have paired with her. She is very much into alternative ideas, open to the not-so-physically-real realms and frankly, quite psychic. This guy is extremly practical, down-to-earth and realistic, tends to not believe in anything you can't taste, touch, and smell. Opposites often attract and with good reason: for the balance it brings.

Of course, the purpose of using face reading is not to weed out every blip along the way, but to smooth man graphicthe path to relating. It provides realistic expectations based on the way other person naturally operates. When you know what to expect, it is so much easier to have acceptance and tolerance and even real appreciation for what they bring to the relationship.

It will be interesting to get a report on how the meeting went. Never say never!


Post Script long after the fact.

It didn't fly. Probably a wise decision.

Unless you like trying to weave gossamer and hemp rope.