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Famous face reading

Prince William's Face

Prince William's face is one that can step into the King of England role quite easily and do it extremely well. Besides that, he's uncommonly good looking. . . something of a rarity in the realm of royals!

What makes this man such a prime candidate for a kingly role beyond the fact of birthright?

Who Was Mona Lisa, Really?

From a face reader's viewpoint, Mona Lisa's face tells a story most people won't ever hear.

I love to study the portraits of the old masters. Face reading can give great insights into who those people were beyond their titles or the names on the paintings. How did they approach life and what was typical behavior for them? You can get a pretty good idea from a face analysis.

Julian Assange: What His Face Shows

AssangeReading Julian Assange is interesting. I confess I like the guy and what he's trying to accomplish. So I have a tendency to want to tell you his face is absolutely wonderful and he's totally Mr. Goodguy. But I'd be lying. Like the rest of us, he's human. There are traits that show the clay feet and there are traits that are enviable, all wrapped up in one package that's making headlines all over the world.