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Eye Level Anomalies

Eyes unevenI've been noticing a lot of people lately who have one eye higher than the other. Sometimes slightly, sometimes very distinctly different levels.

What does that mean in terms of face reading? Several things.

When a person has eyes that are not level with each other, this is someone who has a tendency to make snap judgments about matters and people. They may also act on those instantaneous conclusions, whether they are correct or not.

Another major characteristic of this trait is that of having a rather different take on the world. They will come up with their own set of values which is likely to vary from the traditional one of their culture or family. It can be very creative, thinking outside of the box, or it can be simply contrarian. Maybe both. It all depends on many other factors, especially what other traits are on the face as well as their life experience. All of which can affect how it is expressed.

Depending on the side where the eye is lower, it can mean they have had a more difficult and possibly even non-existent relationship with one of their parents. On the right, with the father. On the left, with the mother.

The last characteristic is the ability to see things on two levels at once. It can be a very interesting view of life, and is probably one of the reasons it's so creative and inventive. They seem to be able to look at a situation from two difference points of view at the same time. And having twice as much input as the rest of us may be why they make such quick judgments about matters.