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Close Encounters of The Face Reading Kind

I have been doing a number of private consultations lately and one of the facets of this work is the connection generated by such a close encounter.  People tend to open up to me after I start reading them. They feel truly seen --  that somehow, I know them. . . and I do on a certain level. It is one of the most rewarding elements of doing this kind of work.

Perhaps I could classify these close encounters from a Face Reader's point of view.

  • First Kind --  observation and shorthand internal commentary. A good example is like today as I was watching a YouTube video. The instantaneous internal thought was: "Wow! Extremely mental guy. He's all about ideas." It was all over his face.
  • Second Kind -- sharing an insight or two with a stranger as we visit. Example: "I can't say I'm surprised at your questions with those Why Baby eyes of yours. I'd honestly be surprised if you didn't dig a little!"
  • Third Kind -- a spot reading of some of the traits. Approach for a party reading where I touch on the most prominent features, quickly "nailing them."
  • Fourth Kind -- an indepth consultation where we get into the nitty gritty details of what's on the face -- from the geography of the forehead to the shape and size of the chin and everything in between and around, and what it means in terms of needs, gifts, behaviors and challenges. Part of it is actual measurements when I'm doing one in person. We get up close and personal.

The wonderment for me is always how much of the face usually hammers home one or two themes, and sometimes will carry a counter melody or stray notes. These themes can be complementary, diverse, or in conflict.

Rarely, I come across a face with little cohesiveness. The traits are all over the board and I feel for the person. It means they have great difficulty trying to get their act together and headed in a particular direction.

But one thing is for sure. . . faces are seldom boring.