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Bubble Worlds

bubblesI wonder what the perfect face would look like, you know, the kind that shows an inner balance, peace and self-consistency. I will probably never know.

The faces I read usually show traits that conflict with each other, behavior patterns that can be problematic, and sometimes combinations that describe basic issues the person is working on this life. We all have our challenges and they affect how we react to situations.These are all jumbled up with our gifts and power traits.

We all have these kinds of faces. Variations on a theme. If we are wise, it begins to dawn on us somewhere down the road, that the problems we have are not “their” fault, but the result of our own psychological make up and how that bumps into other people's reality.

You could say we each live in our own little bubble world that only touches other people's bubble worlds, and what is true in mine is not necessarily true in yours. We can never really get inside another person's world nor they into ours. Makes relating interesting....

For example, all my life I have had some issues with friends, co-workers, family members, even strangers, that hinge on the expectations I have of them and their behaviors. Expectations grounded in my own picture of how I think/believe people should act that has nothing to do with who they are. It has everything to do with my own traits. It's so easy to become ego invested and get into a personal little snit about about it. Usually when I talk to the person, I discover that my beliefs about the situation are just made up stories in my own head. Over the years, I have learned to keep my mouth shut until I find out where they are coming from in their own words instead of what I assign to their intentions!

Reading faces definitely helps to define some of the parameters of those other bubble worlds!

Through that and everyday interactions, I've learned to live and let live. Tolerance. Acceptance. I can now see people more compassionately. Doesn't always mean I want to be around them. But I can understand how they are upfront and know that it is innate to who they are. I can't change it, and wouldn't if I could. It's not my job.

I guess that's called wisdom.

I'd love to hear your thoughts about this. Feel free to comment.

Photo Note:  "Bubbles" by Jeff Kubina from Flickr