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Arranged Marriage Assessments

I have been engaged several times to read the faces of potential suitors for a girl in India. The marriages there are arranged, and the man responsible for arranging this girl's marriage takes his responsibility very seriously.

Over the past year, as I've provided assessments of six young men, it has developed into quite an indepth study of the young men and the girl, but also a further study of each one's compatibility with the girl. With one suitor, my client had concerns about addictions. That doesn't show definitively (that I know of) on the face, so I asked for the birth date and looked at the astrological chart for the answer. It was there.

From that, I've begun doing not only an in-depth assessment of the face, but also a cross-discipline look at the numerology and astrological factors as well. This provides information not available on the face, giving a fuller picture of the inner nature, motivations, challenges and gifts of both the young woman and the potential suitors and what the nature of their relationship is likely to be. It has been an interesting journey.

Most recently, I was asked to do a compatibility comparison between her and two different suitors and render an opinion as to which might be the better match. It has driven me to unparalleled (for me) depths of digging for understanding of people I've never met.  My client is relentless with questions, of probing for character traits I didn't know I could read. I have come out of it with a new, much greater appreciation for what manner of information can be drawn from photos of a face, and what kinds of further information surfaces with cross-discipline work.

This began innocently enough with a hit on my website about two years ago, ordering a photo face reading. I studied the two photos of the client and emailed a reading. He countered with many more questions. It was beyond what is included in the price, but I was curious so I went back to the photos and answered his questions. That brought another email full of questions. I considered what to do and was quite frank about it. He was very willing to pay me to answer the further questions. So I did. That raised still more questions.

I decided to use this to see how in-depth I could go in a collaboration to explore the possibilities of developing this as a hiring tool. He was very willing.  With each round, I would look further, draw conclusions from other, different trait combinations, finding ever deeper subtleties of character. He would give in-depth feedback as to the accuracy of my conclusions. Bottom-line: he found them quite accurate.

And I found a depth of possibility I didn't know existed.