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Face Reading Blog

Opposites Attract

So many times I will see opposite key traits on couples and know immediately one of the major frustrations they have with each other. 

For example, eye spacing is a key trait, an indicator of the timing of a person's responses. 

How to gauge it?

Close-set have less than an eye's width between their eyes. In other words, you couldn't put a third eye the same length as their eyes, between them. It would't fit. Wide-set are clearly more than an eye's width apart.

Rethinking Everything

I am privileged to be a speaker at the Rethinking Everything Conference in Irving, Texas over the Labor Day weekend. I can hardly wait!! This is an amazing event and anyone who thinks outside the box on social matters, spiritual matters and whatever else, you would probably find a host of like-minded people there!

I will be hosting four sessions and I've planned a lot of information, a lot of sharing as well offering opportunities to have your face read.

The Guy On the Dating Service

A close friend of mine recently joined an online dating service and was telling me about planning to meet a guy she had been emailing. I asked her to send me the photo and let me look him over before she landed at Starbucks with him. As her friendly face reader, I thought she should have some insights first!

Mitt Romney, Who Is He, Really?

Mitt Romney has the Republican presidential nomination firmly in his pocket now, so who is the man? What manner of innate behaviors can we expect from him? Here are some answers.

Prince William's Face

Prince William's face is one that can step into the King of England role quite easily and do it extremely well. Besides that, he's uncommonly good looking. . . something of a rarity in the realm of royals!

What makes this man such a prime candidate for a kingly role beyond the fact of birthright?